MEPS International Inc.

EXISTING BUILDINGS – assisting Building Owners, Property Managers and Contractors

On existing buildings, MEPS Suspended Façade Access Consulting provides exceptional inspection, testing and auditing services. Site visits are performed by our experienced Engineers who subsequently prepare, sign and seal their reports.

Our clients appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly with our inspectors, whose familiarity with their systems facilitate a fast and professional response to any safety concerns raised by the clients or their contractors. We maintain excellent relationships with all local manufacturers, who value our objective inspections and audits as good engineering practices.

Annual Inspections and Testing
An Engineer performs the inspection and provides a signed / sealed report.

Load test and/or non-destructive weld test procedures, as applicable, are also prescribed by an Engineer who provides a signed/sealed reports upon completion of the test.

Ref: Occupational Health and Safety Act – Ministry of Labor Window Cleaning Regulations and Guidelines – Duties of a Building Owner

5-year compliance verification
A team of Engineers complete the required scope of work to ensure that the existing system satisfies the latest Codes and provide a signed/sealed report accordingly.

Ref: CSA/Z271-10 Safety Code for Suspended Platforms

We will also specify any required load test, potential upgrade and corresponding budget estimate, assisting throughout the tender and upgrade processes.

Production of new drawings where existing ones are incomplete
Where drawings are outdated and do not contain all necessary information, we can provide new as-built Engineered drawings with required information specified by applicable Codes.

Ref: Ministry of Labor Regulations for Window Cleaning and CSA/Z271 - Safety Code for Suspended Platforms

Rigging inspections and review of rigging plans
An Engineer will review the work plan prepared by the exterior maintenance, restoration or window cleaning Contractor and the rigging set-up onsite prior commencement of the work. He or she will remain available for assistance regarding any procedure or safety concern throughout the project or window cleaning.

Ref: Ministry of Labor Guidelines for Window Cleaning

In addition to the mandatory 4-points suspension rigging inspections, we can evaluate any other rigging method and work plan, partnering with the contractor on behalf of the Owner to ensure that all safety procedures are implemented.

In keeping with best practices in property management, we exceed minimum requirements and take a step further in accident prevention. We are proud to work with distinguished property management professionals committed to raising their standards of excellence.

On-site safety roof assessment for any potential fall hazard
We will review roof conditions for fall hazards (e.g. roof access, ladders, hatches etc.) in order to eliminate risks and contribute to workplace safety for all trades, implement work at heights principles and requirements, and design new or system upgrade, as required.

Ref: Occupational Health and Safety Act – Regulations for Industrial Establishments and Working at Heights program