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PROJECTS – assisting Developers, Construction Managers, Architects, Structural Engineers and Manufacturers in:

Design of “roof anchors” (suspended access) systems
Ref: Ontario Building Code 2006 (OBC Section and Building Code Act

Independent and objective design of a suspended access systems in the early phase of the project is crucial to ensure the selection of the most adequate, suitable and cost-effective system. Ontario Building Code Act prescribes that a team of designers work with Architects in order to cover sections of building design in which the Architect may not be specialized, therefore OBC Section :”Anchors System on Building Exterior” shall be addressed accordingly. This approach streamlines all engineering-related aspects of project planning and completion and minimizes the probability of as-built system deficiencies typically caused by the late introduction of the system design, sales-driven technical proposals, time-constraints and difficulties in coordination; it has proven successful in jurisdictions spanning the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Technical or Peer Review
Ref: Professional Engineers Ontario

Where Architects omit the design of the suspended access equipment as part of the building design, we recommend a technical review at minimum. We offer this service to Developers, Architects and Structural Engineers to ensure the adequacy of the selected system on projects lacking independent design input prior tender. Technical Review is an objective assessment of the design proposed by others, usually manufacturers, and contributes to risk assessment, budget control, functionality verification and quality assurance.

Engineering consulting regarding suspended access systems, equipment, loads, performance, etc:

  • > Specification writing for Roof Anchors tender (OBC Section
  • > Assistance during tender, proposal review and the decision making process
  • > Coordination with all related disciplines throughout the project
  • > Inspection on installation of suspended access equipment during construction